Laila Shereen Sakr has a solo exhibition and two installations in group exhibitions

Assistant Professor Laila Shereen Sakr (Film & Media Studies)  has had a busy and creative year.

February to March, 2020, Laila’s solo exhibition at the American University of Cairo’s (AUC) Tahrir Cultural Center, Beit Um Amel /بيت ام امل X“, shared a virtual archive of “Pixelated self-portraits, digital archives of social media activity in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, and “R-Shief Portal” with visitors that could be experienced and manipulated on wall-mounted iPads. To read the reviews and glimpse some of her imagery see:

Laila (aka VJ Um Amel) also had two installations in group exhibitions. Feb-March 2020 – Birds طيور/ 1.0″ X, dye sublimation on metal, in the Glitch/ غليتش exhibition in the Margo Veillon Gallery at AUC’s Tahrir Cultural Center (Cairo, Egypt); Jan-March 2020 – Touch Data Body X, interactive media installation, curated by Selwa Sweidan & Laura Darlington: Beyond Embodiment at The Brand Art Gallery (Glendale, CA).

To learn more about Laila’s work visit:

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