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Women, Children, and Human Rights in the Middle East

A Conference in Honor of Nancy Gallagher
April 26, 2014 – UCSB Loma Pelona Conference Center



“Aisha Bint Talha, an Umayyad Centerfold: Akhbar, Hadiths, and Early Islamic Women”
Ahmad Nazir Atassi, Assistant Professor of History, Louisiana Tech University

“Women, Cinema, and Public Leisure in the Colonial City”
James Burns, Professor, Department of History, Clemson University

“Charles Tegart and the Arab Revolt in Palestine”
Richard Cahill, Director of International Education and Associate Professor of History, Berea College

“A Bangle Today, a Son Tomorrow: Women’s Role in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)”
Mateo M. Farzaneh, Assistant Professor of the Islamic World and Modern Middle Eastern History, Northeastern Illinois University-Chicago (NEIU)

“Greater Khartoum’s Civil Society and Women’s NGOs: Sudan’s Changing Politics”
Sondra Hale, Research Professor, Anthropology and Gender Studies, UCLA

"Masculinity and Failed Transnational Familism"
Suad Joseph, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Women and Gender Studies,
University of California, Davis

“The Role of Iranian Female Filmmakers in the Conscious-Raising Process”
Malihe Maghazei, Visiting Fellow, Middle East Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science

“Syrian War Refugees and Demographic Change in Jordan: The Challenges for Post-Secondary Education”
Maria del Mar Logrono-Narbono, Professor of History, Florida International University
Garay Menicucci, Director of International Student Services, Santa Clara University

“Safe Nowhere: Memory, Identity, and Non-Combatant Space in Modern Warfare, as Recalled by Palestinian Children of the Second Intifada”
Heidi Morrison, Assistant Professor of History, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

"Islamic Family Law in Egypt from the Beginning of the Century till the Arab Spring"
Nadia Nader, Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies, Claremont Graduate University

“Pioneering Female Education: The Alliance Israelite Universelle Girls’ School in Baghdad in the 1890s”
Jonathan Sciarcon, Assistant Professor of History and Judaic Studies, University of Denver

Being an ‘Expert’: Human Rights Activism in the Middle East and the American Courtroom”
Nancy L. Stockdale, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern History, University of North Texas

“The Women's Rights Movement and Feminism in Post-Islamist Iran”
Nayereh Tohidi, Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, CSUN

“Late Ottoman Photography: Reflections and Agents of an Ideal Male Body”
Murat C. Yildiz, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, UCLA

“The Bolshevik Emancipation of Muslim Women of Tajikistan, What Went Wrong: 1924-1984”
Zamira Yusufjonova, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, UCSB


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University of California, Santa Barbara

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