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CMES Spring/Summer 2018 Conference Travel Awards

Dear MES faculty and graduate students, 

I am pleased to announce that CMES will be awarding a limited number of summer grants to graduate students in Middle East Studies this year to be used for: 

     1)        Summer language study 


     2)        Summer research projects 

Applications should be sent to the following address no later than midnight on Sunday, April 29, 2018


Each application must include the following information: 

     1)        Your name, department, the name of your advisor or a professor you are working closely with, and a description of where you are in your degree program; 

     2)        For language programs: the name of the program you wish to attend and a link to their website as well a description of how this language and program fit into your degree and academic career plans (NOTE: for language programs you should ALREADY have applied to the program by the April 29 deadline, but you may request summer funding  even if you have not yet been accepted; however, if this is the case, you should note this in your application); 


For research projects, a brief description (max. 1 page) of your project including information about the location(s) to be visited, the materials/persons to be seen, the amount of time this will require, and how this research will fit into your degree and academic career plans; 

     3)        A budget outlining all costs (travel, housing, fees, etc.) of your language program or research project; 

     4)        A list of all previous funding you have received from CMES and of all funding you have already received, or are currently applying for, for this summer. 

The applications will be reviewed by a selection committee of faculty members. 

Best wishes, 

Adam Sabra

Professor Adam Sabra
Professor of History and King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud Chair in Islamic Studies
Director, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


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