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Updates from Former FLTAs


Hilal Egrul (Turkish FLTA, 2009-2010)

Since I left UCSB, I have finished my MSc in English Linguistics at Hacettepe University in Turkey, taught English as a Foreign Language to adults in Bursa, Turkey, and started my PhD in Applied Linguistics at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I am about to complete my first year here, and am currently working as a Graduate Assistant teaching freshman composition. I have two forthcoming publications as well as two presentations: “Gender Roles in Humor.” In S. Attardo (Ed.).​ ​Encyclopedia of Humor Studies (Sage, forthcoming); “Politeness.” In S. Attardo (Ed.).​ ​Encyclopedia of Humor Studies. (Sage, forthcoming); “Responses to failed humor in mixed gender interaction”​ ​International Society for Humor Studies Conference. College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, July 2-6, 2013; “Aanalysis of​ ​Hababam Sınıfı using the GTVH”​ ​North East Texas Humor Research Conference. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, February 22-24, 2013. I have also been accepted to present at the American Association for Applied Linguistics in Portland, Oregon in March 2014.


Meltem Muşlu (Turkish FLTA, 2008-2009)

After teaching at UCSB, I came back to Turkey and continue teaching at the University of Gaziantep. I am teaching English as a Foreign Language, and giving creative and academic writing classes in the English Language and Literature Department. I started the Turkish Immersion Program and taught two summers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I also started doing my PhD in Applied Linguistics and I am about to finish it. Besides teaching and doing research passionately, I am travelling a lot, mostly in Europe and North Africa; continue taking millions of pictures, and have been dancing, salsa and tango, zealously.




Vahideh Rasekhi (Persian FLTA, 2006-2007)

In Fall 2008, I attended California State University, Fresno, where I received my MA in Linguistics. I was able to finish my master’s studies in three semesters with the highest distinction. On graduation day, I received the Phyllis Watts Eudy Memorial Award for the outstanding international graduate student (from the Division of Graduate Studies). I also received the Distinguished International Graduate Student Award from the International Student Services and Programs. I was so motivated to continue my studies that I decided to continue my studies. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at Stony Brook University. In addition, since 2006 I have been teaching Persian in all the schools I have attended (in addition to Linguistics and ESL courses).




Jahandad Memarain (Persian FLTA, 2010-2011)

Following the completion of my Fulbright studies in 2010-11, I returned to Iran to visit my families and friends. I was not supposed to stay there for nine months but I ended up staying longer than expected. I entered the United States for the second time on April 2012 as a recipient of Trent Lott Leadership Scholarship from the University of Mississippi and began to pursue my internship as a research assistant at the Middle East Institute in Washington D.C. My activities in D.C. included regular research under the direction of the CEO of Capital Education, Dr. Joel Clark, focusing on US/Iran diplomatic engagements. After completing my internship, in addition to becoming a research fellow at Nonviolence International, I started to work as a blogger for the Huffington Post. My other activities include writing Op-Ed articles for Lobe Log Foreign Policy and BBC Farsi. I am also currently a teacher at American University.


Sally F. Khalil (Arabic FLTA, 2010-2011)

I got married in April 2011 to a UCSB history student who was in his last year. We had a small marriage ceremony in Santa Barbara and got married in the Santa Barbara courthouse. Because my family was not with me, they insisted we have another wedding ceremony in Egypt, which was in July 2011. My husband got a job as a history teacher at an American school in Alexandria. I found a job as an English teacher in a language teaching center. I also continued my MA studies in English Literature. I finished all the classes, and started writing the proposal which is going to be about the famous playwright Lillian Hellman.


On March 3rd, 2013, I gave birth to Elena. She is 8 months old now. I am not studying or working currently, but I will be back to work next month, and I hope I can focus better on my studies. My husband and I intend to come back to US in the winter of next year. We might study at UCSB again if we find good opportunities like a scholarship or research grants.









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