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Middle East Studies Faculty 2016-2017


Janet Afary, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), afary@religion.ucsb.edu

Walid Afifi, Ph.D. (Communication), w-afifi@comm.ucsb.edu

Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. (Sociology), kanderson@soc.ucsb.edu

Bernadette Andrea, Ph.D. (English), bernadette.andrea@english.ucsb.edu

Ahmad Atif Ahmad, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), aahmad@religion.ucsb.edu

Paul Amar, Ph.D. (Global Studies), amar@global.ucsb.edu

Heather Badamo, Ph.D. (History of Art and Architecture), badamo@arthistory.ucsb.edu

Peter J. Bloom, Ph.D. (Film & Media Studies), pbloom@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu

Debra Blumenthal, Ph.D. (History), blumenthal@history.ucsb.edu

Marguerite Bouraad-Nash, Ph.D. (Political Science), Bouraad@polsci.ucsb.edu

Juan E. Campo, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), jcampo@religion.ucsb.edu

Magda Campo, MA (Religious Studies), campo@religion.ucsb.edu

Mona Damluji, Ph.D. (Film and Media Studies), damluji@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu>

Adrienne Edgar, Ph.D. (History), edgar@history.ucsb.edu

Racha el Omari, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), elomari@religion.ucsb.edu

Hilal Elver, Ph.D. (Global Studies), Elver@global.ucsb.edu

Richard Falk, Ph.D. (Global Studies), Falk@global.ucsb.edu

John Foran, Ph.D. (Sociology), foran@soc.ucsb.edu

Roger O. Friedland, Emeritus, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), friedland@religion.ucsb.edu

Nancy E. Gallagher, Emeritus, Ph.D. (History), gallagher@history.ucsb.edu

W. Randall Garr, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), wrgarr@religion.ucsb.edu

Lisa Hajjar, Ph.D. (Sociology), lhajjar@soc.ucsb.edu

Mary E. Hancock, Ph.D. (Anthropology), hancock@anth.ucsb.edu

Richard D. Hecht, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), ariel@religion.ucsb.edu

Barbara Holdrege, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), holdrege@religion.ucsb.edu

R. Stephen Humphreys, Emeritus, Ph.D. (History), humphreys@history.ucsb.edu

Mark Juergensmeyer, Ph.D. (Sociology and Global Studies
), juergens@global.ucsb.edu

Cynthia Kaplan, Ph.D. (Political Science), kaplan@polsci.ucsb.edu

Nuha N. N. Khoury, Ph.D. (History of Art and Architecture), nuhakhoury@hotmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

John W.I. Lee, Ph.D. (History), jwilee@history.ucsb.edu

Scott Marcus, Ph.D. (Music), scottmarcu@aol.com

Kathleen Moore, Ph.D (Religious Studies), kmoore@religion.ucsb.edu

Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Ph.D. (Global Studies), jnp@global.ucsb.edu 

Dwight F. Reynolds, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), dreynold@religion.ucsb.edu

Adam Sabra, Ph.D. (History; Director, Center for Middle East Studies), asabra@history.ucsb.edu

Laila Shereen Sakr, Ph.D. (Film and Media Studies), ssakr@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu

Sherene Seikaly, Ph.D. (History), sseikaly@history.ucsb.edu

Heather Stoll, Ph.D. (Political Science), hstoll@polsci.ucsb.edu

Stuart Tyson Smith, Ph.D. (Anthropology/Egyptology), stsmith@anth.ucsb.edu

Christine Thomas, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), thomas@religion.ucsb.edu

Elliot Wolfson, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), ewolfson@religion.ucsb.edu

Salim Yaqub, Ph.D. (History), syaqub@history.ucsb.edu



Richard P. Appelbaum, Ph.D. (Sociology), rich@global.ucsb.edu

Bassam Bamieh, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), bamieh@engineering.ucsb.edu

Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Ph.D. (Sociology), bhavnani@soc.ucsb.edu

Douglas Burbank, Ph.D. (Earth Science; Director, Inst. for Crustal Studies), burbank@crustal.ucsb.edu

Swati Chattopadhyay, Ph.D. (Art & Architecture), swati@arthistory.ucsb.edu

Keith Clark, Ph.D., (Geography),

David A. Cleveland, Ph.D. (Anthropology), cleveland@es.ucsb.edu

Scott D. Cooper, Ph.D. (Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology), scooper@lifesci.ucsb.edu

Helen Coucelis, Ph.D. (Geography),

Douglas Daniels, Ph.D. (Black Studies), daniels@blackstudies.ucsb.edu

Eve Darian-Smith, Ph.D. (Global Studies), darian@global.ucsb.edu

Amr El Abbadi (Computer Science), amr@cs.ucsb.edu

Anna Everett, Ph.D. (Film & Media Studies), everett@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu

Steve Gaines, Ph.D. (Marine Science Institute, Director), gaines@lifesci.ucsb.edu

Rachel Haymon, Ph.D. (Earth Science), haymon@geol.ucsb.edu

Shane Jimerson, Ph.D. (Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology), jimerson@education.ucsb.edu

Pei-te Lien, Ph.D. (Political Science), plien@polsci.ucsb.edu

Gurinder Singh Mann, Ph.D. (Global Studies; Director, Center for Sikh & Punjab Studies), mann@religion.ucsb.edu

Stephan F. Miescher, Ph.D. (History), miescher@history.ucsb.edu

Erika Rappaport, Ph.D. (History), rappaport@history.ucsb.edu

Paul Spickard, Ph.D. (History), spickard@history.ucsb.edu

Cristina Venegas, Ph.D. (Film & Media Studies), venegas@filmandmedia.ucsb.edu

David G. White, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), white@religion.ucsb.edu

Fikret K. Yegul, Ph.D. (Art & Architecture), yegul@arthistory.ucsb.edu This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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